Eric Brakey


Eric Brakey is a two-term Maine State Senator, representing the people of Auburn, New Gloucester, Poland, Minot and Mechanic Falls. In 2014, when first elected at the age of 26, Brakey was the youngest serving state senator in the nation.
Sen. Eric Brakey currently serves as the Senate Chairman for the Health and Human Services Committee where he has been a vocal advocate for welfare reform and expanding Maine’s Medical Marijuana Program. In his first term, he won several high profile legislative battles, including passage of “Constitutional Carry” and “Right to Try” legislation.
In 2012, Eric Brakey got his start in politics working as the Maine State Director for the Ron Paul Presidential Campaign. As an elected Maine Delegate to the 2012 Republican National Convention, Eric was one of ten Maine delegates disqualified by the RNC and replaced with supporters of Mitt Romney. While there, Brakey helped plan and coordinate protests against the RNC “power grab” rule changes and delegate disqualifications.
At the recent 2016 National Republican Convention, Brakey served on the National GOP Platform Committee. He successfully advanced Right to Try and Audit the Pentagon planks into the party platform, while also advocating for medical marijuana and a non-interventionist foreign policy.